Patient monitoring: Armband monitors patient activity

The SenseWear Pro2 Armband, a device designed to collect information about an individual’s physical activity and relative energy expenditure, is now being marketed in the UK by APC Cardiovascular.

Weighing only 80 grams, the armband evaluates energy expenditure using proprietary algorithms.

In conjunction with body measurements such as sex, height, age and weight, high precision sensors gather information such as skin temperature, near-body temperature, heat flux, movement and galvanic skin response. The device can store up to two weeks of data, which can then downloaded onto a computer for analysis.

APC Cardiovascular managing director Derrick Ebden says that the Pro2 armband has a wide range of applications, including monitoring activity levels and sleep patterns for diabetes Type 2 patients; pre- and post-surgery monitoring for patients who have undergone gastric banding; monitoring the energy expenditure of intensive care patients on nasal feed; and calculating improvements in movement for those with severe pulmonary problem’s.


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